International Cargo Equipment Inc. ( ICE ) has been in the container and trailer repair business 
since 1979.   Our primary emphasis is service to the Marine Industry.   We have extensive  
experience in all types of Intermodal Containers including standard dry freight,  dry specials,  
refrigerated containers,  gensets,  tanks and chassis. 

In 1996, we started DPE Enterprises Inc. ( DPE ) to service the general business community 
with the resale of marine containers for storage purposes.   DPE has the ability to customize 
the container for any specific requirement.   We can add roll-up doors,  sliding doors,  windows, 
ventilation systems,  interior walls  and shelving just to name a few.  We customize containers 
for public storage facilities,  field offices,  retail sales and for specialized storage purposes.

Some of our customers include Boeing Aircraft,  National Construction Company,  LAX,  SAIC  
and  APSE International to name a few.

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